Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a fantastic way to master all the challenges of this special time, birth and beyond. Whether you are continuing your regular yoga practice into pregnancy, or you are now considering to pick up yoga as a tool for maintaining health and relaxation during this time of great changes, this class is for you!

Prenatal yoga offers variations on Hatha and Vinyasa Flow postures, being mindful of the safety and comfort of mom and babe. Through movement, breath and awareness exercises, we encourage the formation of a beautiful bond with our babies. This is the foundation for a healthy emotional connection during the first months of adapting to life with a new family member. The positive energy generated by mom during yoga practice spreads to baby and soothes and uplifts the spirit.

We are learning yogic breathing techniques to ease and speed up labour, as well as mantras to heal and calm body and mind at the time of birth. Building strength in those areas of the body that become overly flexible and vulnerable during pregnancy, in order to create stamina for the act of bringing a child into this world, is a central focus of this pregnancy yoga class. After birth, we will benefit from that strength, making it easy to bounce back to pre-pregnancy shape and carry around baby without compromising our posture. At the same time, we will mindfully increase our flexibilty with exercises designed to open the hips and decompress the back to relieve tension and create space for baby.

This course is taught holistically by teachers who have themselves birthed utilizing yoga techniques. Like a more traditional birth preparation class, it also incorporates information on pregnancy and labour and there is room to address any questions that might arise. We will discuss and work on our pelvic floor muscles, and learn about avoiding unnecessary medical interventions. There will be plenty of opportunity to get to know other moms-to-be and build community over a hot steaming cup of herbal chai at the closing of every class.

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Yoga is a gentle and highly effective path towards regaining strength and energy after giving birth. This course is designed to give space for deep relaxation and recovery to moms who are looking to take a rejuvenating break from the joyful but sometimes demanding role of caring for a newborn child.

We will focus on the needs of mind and body, addressing common postnatal health concerns and offering modifications where applicable. Yoga postures offer the perfect balance of rebuilding muscle and tightening the pelvic floor while increasing our flexibility and recharging our energy stores. The learning of mantras and breathing techniques to apply in stressful situations throughout the day further increases the harmony you are establishing within yourself and in relation to your family.

Leaving this class, you will feel lighter, tighter, and ready to take on any challenge. This luxury of a time out will not only benefit you, but also those around you. It is a great way of smoothly and safely transitioning back into your regular pre-pregnancy yoga practice or exercise routine. Your tummy, bum and thighs will once again shine in their former glory. You will have the chance to chat over tea with other new moms, make connections and build community. We welcome any mom four weeks past delivery date. Please check with your doctor to see when it is safe for you to start yoga practice if you've had a C-Section or birth complications. If you prefer to include your baby in your yoga practice, our Moms & Babes class is right for you. All baby-based yoga classes are taught by instructors who can relate as they are also moms.

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